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Mitsubishi Electric Black Pear Interfaces and Controls


Our range of Black Pear Mitsubishi electric HVAC interfaces is the most versatile on the market, connecting directly to the 2-wire HVAC bus. The integrated LCD display provides an engineer’s interface for local control, removing the need for a central controller and separate interface. The result saves time, space and most of all money! Commissioning is made simple with free USB based configuration software. The units will operate on systems with or without a central controller and supports Modbus, BACnet or Trend protocols. Each Black Pear will support 50 x FCU units

MM-A20 for Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning

The MM-A20 is a cost effective solution for controlling upto 20 Mr Slim split units. Works in conjunction with our Black Pear PIP adapter cards or various Mitsubishi A-M interfaces.

PIP Network cards for Mitsubishi Mr Slim Split Air Conditioning unit.

Our range of Black Pear PIP network cards are designed to provide a physical interface between stand-alone Mitsubishi 'split' systems for control via a Black Pear interface.

Each network card comes with bit switches to enable quick and easy addressing of the outside unit, and is supplied with leads

Black Pear MX-range for Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning 

Our MX range of Mitsubishi electric HVAC interfaces have evolved from the Mitsubishi MOD-IP/50 and BAC-IP/50 which we've manufactured for many years. These are now available direct or through our distributors and are priced attractively. With many years of proven service in the market we are happy to supply the product direct due to high demand.

Our MX range is everything that people are used too, and rely on.

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