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OTHER Black Pear Interfaces and Controls 

BLACK PEAR uLog Ethernet Data Logger.

The Microtrol uLog solves the problem of collecting data from remote or inaccessible locations. uLog provides real-time data access and will record up to 50 days worth of information (based on 30 minute logs). The data is available via Ethernet or RS232/485 utilising the industry-standard Modbus protocol. Occupying a footprint of less than 150mm square, the unit may be either DIN rail or wall mounted and will operate from 12v ac or 24v ac.

The uLog accepts up to 8 pulse inputs together with a thermistor input. The pulse counts and temperature reading can be logged at selected intervals between 1 and 60 minutes and can also be viewed in real-time.

ECD2-8P Modbus Pulse Counter

Product Specification ECD-8P II

8-Channel pulse counter module with Real Time Clock.

8-Channel volt free contact inputs (switching 5v DC).

Contact Debounce – Individually settable for each pulse input. Range 0 to 2.5 seconds (x10mS)

Max counter value 4,000,000,000

Power supply 9-12v DC


RS485 ModBus RTU 9600 N 8 1

Each unit is 1 slave on ModBus link.

Available slave numbers – 1 to 250

Slave number setting by serial link (enabled by hardware link on product)

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