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For all MODBUS, BACnet & Trend models,

With and without displays.


TOSHIBA SmartTouch Controller

Manual and Software upgrades for Colour touch screen central controller..

TOSHIBA TSI-1 Modbus Interface

The TSI-1 is a versatile interface which connects to the TCC-LINK A/B network on the Toshiba air conditiong equipment. This low cost solution gives you full control of on/off, setpoint, fanspeed, mode & louvre, with added features of duty stand by, night set back, eco modes & hotel occupancy.
Please note,
The configuration software is only compatible with Windows 7 and above.

TOSHIBA TXIO 3rd party interface

The Interface enables third party equipment to be controlled via the TCC network on the Black Pear SMART Touch controller, with an option to attach a 10K3A1 thermistor.

TOSHIBA RAS-M (MIRAI) Infra-red Interface

This Interface replaces the standard infra-red PCB card in Toshiba RAS units, and provides a connection to Toshiba's TCC-Link. This allows the unit to be centrally controlled either from a BMS using a Black Pear or Toshiba Smart Touch Controller.

MX Range

Connects to various Mitsubishi Central Controllers and provides a Modbus (RS232, RS485 or Modbus/TCP) or BACnet/IP interface


Modbus Interface for upto 20 Mitsubishi Mr Slim Units.

PIP Network Cards

For Mitsubishi "Mr Slim" split units. This enables communications with Black Pear interfaces.

BACnet EDE Configuration files


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