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TOSHIBA Black Pear Interfaces and Controls


Our range of Black Pear Toshiba electric HVAC interfaces is the most versatile on the market, connecting directly to the 2-wire HVAC bus. The integrated LCD display provides an engineer’s interface for local control, removing the need for a central controller and separate interface. The result saves time, space and most of all money! Commissioning is made simple with free USB based configuration software. The units will operate on systems with or without a central controller and supports Modbus, BACnet or Trend protocols. Each Black Pear will support 64 x FCU units

RBC-MTSC1 MiNi Touch Screen Controller

Design and developed with custom software for Toshiba, the all new RBC-MTSC1 colour smart touch wall mounted controller is a capacitive icon based touchscreen that is very intuitive, easy to use and very simple to install. The smart touch controller uses the same 2 wire format used for our standard controllers and no external power supply is needed to operate the device. This means this all new modern and stylish touchscreen controller can be installed onto any new or existing systems to provide a higher level of user comfort and experience.

Key Features

* Large capacitive display.
* Configurable display icons; mode, fan; Up & Down, On/Off.
* Up to 30 different wallpaper pictures for corporate display, messaging or advertising.
* Use wallpapers for screensavers, timeouts or wake ups.
* Integrated USB for fast upload of images
* RGB colour sliders to transform and match corporate environments.
* Compact sleek design (HxWxD) 47 x 141 x 15 mm.
* Available in Black (cost optional colours Graphite, White, Beige).
* Set DN codes.
* Set central addresses.
* Text inputs for instructions example “Error” “contact reception tel: 1234”.
* Use CN61 connection to set back for energy saving for un-occupied space.


Toshiba Air Conditioning (a division of Toshiba Carrier UK Limited) along with Microtrol has introduced its long-awaited new flagship touchscreen air conditioning central control solution.The new 7in SMART Touch Controller offers unprecedented power and ease of use, enabling engineers and end users - even those unfamiliar with air conditioning - to control systems and optimise performance and indoor comfort.

With the ability to control up to 64 indoor units via a unique capacitive touchscreen, the new Toshiba controller marks a departure from conventional air conditioning controls based on slow-response resistive touchscreen technology.

It has a brilliantly clear colour display with pin-sharp graphical interface, providing lightning response to the operator’s touch commands. Unlike controllers from some other manufacturers, Toshiba’s new controller is not based on physical buttons but an intuitive touchscreen with icons, similar to a large smart phone.

The new controller, a key element of the design brief was to make it simple and intuitive to use, without the need to refer to a manual, while enabling users to quickly access all functions with minimum layers to navigate.

In addition to primary control, alarm and scheduling functions, and quick access to units and parameters, the controller also acts as a web server, enabling it to host web pages.

We are constantly improving and developing new features to our new SMART Touch Controller,

BLACK PEAR TSI-1 Modbus interface

Working with Toshiba Air conditioning UK. Microtrol are proud to launch The TSI-1, a versatile interface which connects to the TCC-LINK A/B network on the Toshiba air conditiong equipment. This low cost solution gives you full control of on/off, setpoint, fanspeed, mode & louvre with added features of duty stand by, night set back, eco modes & hotel occupancy.


The Interface enables third party equipment to be controlled via the TCC network on the Black Pear SMART Touch controller, with an option to attach a 10K3A1 thermistor. 


This Interface replaces the standard infra-red PCB card in Toshiba RAS units, and provides a connection to Toshiba's TCC-Link. This allows the unit to be centrally controlled either from a BMS using a Black Pear or Smart Touch Controller.

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